Importing Word 2016 (Office 365) reference Library

If I import my Word reference list, will duplicates be overwritten or ignored, or will I then have duplicates in my EndNote library?

If you export a travelling library to a separate library and import it with discard duplicates (and you can discard them into a separate library if you want to review them for any reason), you will only import new items that don’t match existing records.  


I show nothing in my traveling library.  What I am trying to determine is if everything in my Word 2016 references is already in my EndNote library.

I have a couple Word 2016 papers that have reference lists.  How can I see if these references are already part of my EndNote library?

Sorry, said wrong thing.  I have never used Word 2016 built in word citation manager, but  instead of Export traveling Library from the word document, you export word Citations (from the endnote tab/ribbon in word), but do so to a new library, so you can import just the unique ones into your main Endnote library.  

After exporting to the new library, – you open your main library (and you can make a copy first, in case something goes wrong) File>import, endnote library, “discard duplicates” or “import into duplicates library” (not all).  It should be able to view any newly imported records, from the recently added temporary group created, if it doesn’t automatically display them.  

That should do it.  Thanks, Leanne.


sometimes it works