EndNote 5 and large reference databases


For a long time, I have been unable to use EndNote 5 with my "standard EN-file,. Each time I start EndNote, it crashes when it opens the file. For a while, I could fix it by using an older (sligthly smaller) file from a backup, but after a couple of weeks, when I hav added around 50 refs, it started all over again. All the time I have been able to use other (smaller) files.

At first I thought that it was the specific file that was corrupted, but, it works perfectly in EndNote 3, and it seems to be a matter of number of refs in the file. When it passes, about 5120 references, EN5 can no longer handle them, while EN3 is stable as a rock. I have replicated this issue severeal time by adding (different) refs to a smaller backup copy of the file, and if I delete refs so total number gets below 5000 refs, it works perfectly again.

Have anyone else experienced this? Do anyone know a workaround (i like to have all my refs in one file).

I wrote to Tech Support at TR about, without getting any answer at all.