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I just installed EndNote 6 onto a new Windows 7 64 bit HP computer and it constantly freezes up or is very slow to respond.  Any ideas?    jm

the first thing to ask, is did you do a custom install or just a default install?  When does it freeze?

It is also important to know if you installed EndNote version 6 or the current version X6 (16)? EndNote 6 was not specifically designed for 64-bit environments:


Version 6 was also not designed for Windows 7 compatibility. See the section on “EndNote X and earlier versions” from this article:


If you do have EndNote X6 installed and not version 6, please let us know what you are doing in the software when you notice the freeze.

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I have this same problem:

It occurs when I attempt to Find Reference Updates, and it occurs repeatedly with the same references. It does not seem to matter whether they have PDFs attached or not. All the references were imported from Papers at the same time.

I’m using the trial version, and it has revelead itself as HIGHLY unstable at this point. Unless this can be overcome, why would I pay over $100 for this?

I am having a freeze problem with X6 and “Find Reference Updates” on two Macs running Mountain Lion. One is a mid-2010 iMac, the other is a 2012 MacBook Air. I only see this problem with a particular reference to a book (attached file). The same command and same reference do not cause any problems with X6 on an older Windows XP machine.

AKILLEEN.txt (293 Bytes)

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EndNote X6 is extremely balky on my mid-2012 MacBookPro (v10.8.2 on 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7 with 16Gb memory).  It’s nearly unusable and I’m thinking seriously about returning to X5 until there’s a patch or solution.  There’s no excuse for not making X6 64-bit compliant on a Macintosh.  If that’s the problem then I want my money back.

The initial inquiry was in regard to Windows 7 64-bit compatibility for EndNote and not about the Mac. EndNote X6 is compatible with 64-bit environments on by the Windows and Mac operating systems. I had mentioned that a much older version (EndNote 6, which is 10 years old) was not designed for 64-bit compatibility. However, if you have OS 10.8.2, please keep in mind a bug in Apple’s update patch and can cause sluggish response time for a number of applications that is mentioned here:


You can find additional information about this in these articles and numerous others on the Web:




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The freezing problem (mentiond about 3 posts above) when trying to update that reference is fixed in Mac Endnote 6.0.1. Thanks!

The info you provided concerning why X6 is freezing on Mac 10.8.2 was helpful.

Any update on when the fix is coming out?

Thank you.

@laurelemory wrote:


Any update on when the fix is coming out?



January 28, 2013 - see announcementon this forum.

Awesome! Thanks!

Hello X6 EndNote for Macintosh users,

The EndNote X6.0.2 patch is now available. You can download it here:


Thank you for  your feedback to help us research and fix this problem.

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After update to X6.0.2 I get this error when I open (or quit) Word: “Word could not delete the event”.

My versions:

Word: 14.2.5

OS X: 10.8.2


My problem was with the Visual Basic Component. I’ve reinstalled it and all works perfectly.