EndNote X6 Windows 7 (x86) Office 2010 (32 bit) freezing

Hi all!  Have had X6 for a little over a month with no problems.  In fact it worked great.  Then this past Monday two things occurred:  Windows did an automatic update and X6 did an automatic update.  Now whenever I try to use the CWYW Word plug-in, as soon as I click in the find reference field from within Word, both Endnote and Word crash (lockup/freeze) requiring a reboot of the machine.

I rolled back the updates and it didn’t fix it.  I uninstalled Endnote and reinstalled and it didn’t fix it.  I did a reinstall of Office 2010 and it didn’t fix it.

I have some paper deadlines fast approaching so I did find a workaround:  Instead of using the local program, I set the Endnote Ribbon to Endnote Web and I was able to insert my citations as I wrote the paper.  So technically I can get the job done but I am unable to use the CWYW feature if I switch the menu back to the Endnote program instead of Endnote Web.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

I would check to see if this is a document specific issue. To do this, close your document and create a brand new blank document. Switch the EndNote Web tools to the EndNote X6 tools. See if you can insert a citation into the new test document. If this works, you can try cleaning up the field codes in your original document by following the steps found in this article:


If the problem occurs with even a new test document and/or persists with your document, it would be helpful to know where you keep your library and document. Do you keep in on the local hard drive, a network drive, a cloud computing option (like Dropbox) a removable hard drive, etc.?

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Hi, just got off the phone with Jason on another matter now resolved, and thought I’d find out if there is an EndNote forum where I could share what I’d learned.  So I do a search and the 2nd messae to pop up was this.  With help from Jason.  Thanks Jason!  I guess it’s time to join the EndNote forum now that I’ve given up on Procite… - Mike Dover

Unfortunately I have the same problem as described above. I use EndNote X6, Windows 7 (x86) and Office 2010 (32 bit). I keep my Library on a network drive. Due to your answer I created a new Library on a local hard drive and the problem didn’t appear again. But I would prefer to keep my Library on a network drive. Is there a solution for that? Thanks