EndNote 8.2 on MacOS 10.12.6 cutting off first character of PubMed search results

One of my users is having a problem with his EndNote cutting off the first character of each field in PubMed search results. I’ve deleted all the EndNote files I could discover in his ~/Library/* and the problem persists. Another user account on the same computer does not have this problem whic means the problem should be somewhere in the user’s home directory. 

We’ve re-downloaded the PubMed connection file and that made no difference.

Has anyone seen this before?

I want to add something that my user and I just discovered:

results from PubMed seem to be where the problem starts. He found an older library that did not have the truncation problem and we did a Library of Congress search and the results were fine. When we went back to PubMed the results lost the first letters of every entry in every field.

We are really hoping someone else has seen this before.

I tried the steps listed in kb82201 and that did not solve the problem.

Did a complete uninstall of EndNote and reinstalled with no change in the problem.

sounds like there is still a corrupted pubmed connection file (it is the connection file and not the filter file, which would be used if importing an exported file from pubmed rather than connecting to pubmed from endnote). 

A different user account on the same computer does not have the same problem. Aren’t the connection files shared by all the users? Not sure what you mean by the pubmed filter file.

there are two locations (at least on a PC) where the associated files are kept.  One is the installation folder, one is specific to the user - in the user’s workspace.  If there are two files with the same name in the two locations, it is rather haphazard which one Endnote uses, expecially since the connection file is rather “defaulted” to – and the user files aren’t replaced if you do an uninstall, reinstall either (which is usually a good thing, so you don’t lose your modified files).  If you figure out where it is saving them (which probably is in preferences, file locations) you can go there and make sure you delete the pubmed connection file (ends in .enz) assuming you are searching from endnote.  If you are searching in pubmed and downloading a file to open/import into the endnote then it is an .enf file.  (which is what I meant by “filter”).  

Uninstalling and reinstalling a few times and moving libraries around seems to have finally done something. I don’t think I even got to try your suggestion Leanne. I was not previously aware of that ~/Documents/EndNote folder. I’ll be sure to look there in the future as well.

thanks for solved