Endnote loses ability to search with PubMed

Endnote X4 was rock solid. Then I upgraded my Mac to 10.9.5, and had to move up; I now have Endnote X7. On 2 of my machines it works ok. One one, it periodically loses the ability to search PubMed - no matter what I search for, it immediately comes back with no records found. I can get back to normal if I erase all preferences (that’s what Endnote tech support showed me) but I don’t want to have to do that each time. Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it for good?

Update: an Endnote support person told me the answer, although not why:

  1. Open EndNote and click on EndNote menu> Preferences.
  2. Select Display Fields and click on EndNote Defaults.
  3. Click on Save and then restart EndNote.

   this fixes it! but if I change the view preferences (like ask it not to display “rating” for my endnote references), the same problem crops up again. I have no idea why changing view preference for the GUI would mes up the search function, but there it is…