Whats happened to EndNote - Word 2007 connection

I was pleased on Sunday when I successfully complted my first document; now I am bewildered. I took my laptop to work to begin to write another assignment in my luch hour whilst offline.

Endnote was set up to start up whem Word starts up. This did not happen, in fact the Endnote menu was missing altogether from mthe top bar in Word 2007. It was there on Sunday, so what has happened?

I desperately want to use Endnote again tonight but I can find no way to put citations and bibliographies into the Word document.

I have uninstalled Endnote and re-installed it again to see if I could re-establish the link but I haven’t a clue as to what is going on, and to be honest I don’t really know what I am doing if things are not obviously straightforward.

Has anyone experienced this problem too?

I am running Windows Vist Home Premium with SP2

Please can anyone help me?


Start here:  http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq1.asp

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for the link. I followed the instructions for Vista, EndNote X2, Word 2007.

  • The repair was unsuccessful
  • The second option returned an error code: 0x80070005

 There doesn’t appear to be another step after the two above failed so I will have to reseach the error code

If it were me, I would go straight to tech support, but here is another FAQ which might help?  I don’t use Vista, so I can’t help trouble shoot.


I turned off the firewall and then repeated the two steps again.

  • The repair failed again.
  • The second method went one stop further and came up with another dialogue box but no error code this time.

I followed the second link you gave me which took me back to the instructions suggested by your first link.

I googled the error code; it means access denied and pointed me to a thread on the Microsoft support pages (good old Bill Gates again). I have printed off the solution suggested there although the problem the guy was having was difficulty in installing SP2 but had the same error code returned.

In the meantime as you suggested I have emailed technical support; I will try the suggested solution next, fingers x

Thanks again for your help

Have the Endnote tools become disabled in Word? You could try this:

  1. Click on the Office icon and select “Word Options.”
  2. Click on “Add-ins.”
  3. Change the “Manage” options to “Disabled Items.”
  4. Click Go.
  5. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click “Enable.”
  6. Click OK.

Does that work?

Edit: Also, someone has posted a work-around here with a problem sounding just like yours - it happens because the upgrade patch for X2 doesn’t work for site licence holders:




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Thanks for your response.

I did as Leanne suggested and contacted technical support. I have been working with them to try and resolve the problem. It is still with me I’m afraid.

The advice given was the same information you have just posted. I went to try it out but I could not find the ‘office icon’ so I could go no further. The addins are working fine on Word 2007; Endnote though never appeared as an addin it had a tag just like ‘Addin’ and ‘Home’ etc.

As I said in the last post I have one more procedure to go through concerning access to the registry (well something like that). I’ve printed out the instructions but have now run out of time to sort it. I just have to get 6 assignments completed by the 15th December; somehow I don’t think I will make the date now. I was hoping that EndNote would make doing these assignments much easier but as it has turned out I have lost time in learning the program basics and trying to solve these problems.

I very much appreciated the time and efforts this community have put in on my behalf. It is comforting to know that you are not on your own with these problems. My work is only just starting so there is much much more that I will have to do; so I will be looking in regularly at this very helpfull board.

Thanks once again guys, I may have time to get back and sort in just before the Xmas break. 

The Office icon is at the very top left of the Word toolbar. A circular thing with a red, blue, yellow and green icon in it.

I hope you get it all sorted.


I don’t know this is a good suggestion or not, but if I were you, I would use Windows XP, and Word 2003 with Endnote X2 (12.0.1 update). I own both Vista and Word 2007, but I quickly “downgraded” to XP and 2003, because it was just headache. Besides, I didn’t like the huge tool bars and icons taking my monitor space by Word 2007. For the work and business (and science), I don’t need bells&whistles. I just need simple, fast, and stable PC.

Good luck.

Best regards,