Endnote 8 + Update, PC, problem in inserting new references, Please HELP!


I’m currently writing my PhD thesis. I use a PC with Word 2003 and Endnote 8 (+ 8.0.1 Update).

Inserting the references worked quite well in the beginning but today I wanted to add some fresh references (in a “numbered” output style) but all I can see is that the new insertion leads to a strange shuffling of the already existing references and a reduction of total references from 158 to 80 references. I already tried a lot to solve the problem…in vain.

Please help. I don’t know what went wrong with the format.


Tom (Germany)

To be absolutely honest, I wouldn’t touch EndNote8 with a barge pole.  It was a very buggy release.  But you might want to try to follow some of the suggestions in the archive discussion here:


Other things to try.

ON A COPY, try unformatting all references, save the document, close word and endnote and reopen and try reformating. 

If that doesn’t work, on an unformatted version, delete any remnants of a bibliography.  Then copy everything except the last paragraph symbol (show paragraph symbols by hitting the reverse P on the word toolbar).  to a new document.  See if it will format the references now.