Can't insert references correctly

Hello! I’m trying to insert references in a text. I wrote the text already and put notes (author) at the end of each sentence. Now I want to insert the references. My problem  is when I open my word document Endnote inserts my references automatically. But many of the inserted references are wrong as EndNote deletes abbreviations and puts a reference on their place and also puts automatically wrong references to my notes . So I decided to turn off the instant formatting to avoid this. Now when I try to add references manually I get this: {Mair, 2010 #211}. I want to get rid of #number. Additionally the inserted reference does not appear in the bibliography. Has anyone a solution for my problems? Thanks!

If automatic formatting is off, you will see the Endnote citation form with the record number (which is how endnote knows which reference to use).  I am surprised it is pulling the wrong references, unless there is only one reference in the library that matches your inserted partial reference and the real one isn’t there.  Otherwise, Endnote should be prompting you to select the correct reference?

Anyway, once you have completed inserting your references, you will be able to format it manually (run Tools>Endnote>Format Bibliography or use the toolbar equivalent, making sure the correct style is displayed in the drop-down).  If you have finished inserting the full endnote references, you can permanently turn the CWYW back on from that same dialog, on the third tab.