endnote changes the document format


I have a document with general format: Calibri 11pt, justified, 1.5 pt line spacing.

However, for formatting purposes (i.e. fit an image that otherwise won’t fit in a page) I had to reduce the linespacing of a small portion of text to 1.4 pt.

This text contains a citation, and each time that I need to update cictation and bibliography Endnote always screws up the formatting of the above-mentioned text portion with reduced linespacing.

Specifically, it removes the justification (to left alignment) linespacing (to 1.0 pt) and font size (to 12 pt).

Any idea why Endnote does this?

Thanks for any help

macOS 10.14.6; word 16.16.20; Endnote X9.3.3

Because I believe Endnote uses the Word template settings to define the fonts and changing it, gets over-riden when the document updates the field.  Not sure there is anyway around this.  

Thanks! Indeed working on the word style panel I have been able to restore the correct format.

However, this should mean that each time an Endnote citation is within a part of the text which doesn’t follow the “default” style (e.g. a citation within a footnote), it will change that style.

That’s quite odd…

No, you should be able to define the style in the footnote as well, in a word template.