Formatting references

I am using Endnote X2 and a slightly modified Vancouver style referencing. My references appear as follows:


1. Smith P (2008) A review of Endnote. The Journal of Endnote, 28, 1029


I have successfully customised the references to include the information I want in the sequence that I want. The problem I am having is with the style of reference. Firstly endnote inserts a tab character between the “1.” and “Smith” in the above example. Default tab setting is 1.27cm but I don’t want there to be such a large gap. How can I change this without amended the default tabs setting (which will affect the whole document).


Secondly I am totally confused with how the font size is chosen. I have set the size in the ‘format bibliography’ option in word to the size that I want. Is there another setting I need to adjust because some references appear larger than others? I have already tried changing the ‘Output styles’ settings in Endnote to force my desired font size (instead of using ‘plain size’) however this doesn’t correct the situation.



Consult this thread and thread referred to therein (about half way down).  A partial answer is also in this FAQ, but you also need to read the threads to get the full picture. 

I still plan to try to pull it all together when I have nothing else to do!  (Translation: Don’t hold your breath!:wink:)

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Great to hear that you’ve got a solution for it. Could you give me the hyperlink to the first thread that you referred to.

oops, sorry

Thank you. I have determined why the styles were incorrect and have successfully corrected this problem. The threads dont address my ‘tab’ issue. How can I change the amount of space between the number and the author of the reference?

To adjust the space of the tab in the reference list, it is kinda of the opposite of the problem others have had, where paragraph information is copied from the last paragraph symbol at the end of the manuscript.  If you select the whole of the reference list, inlcuding the paragraph symbol AFTER the list, and set the paragraph tab settings in Word, it should stick.

You are correct in what you have said. It is possible to adjust the tab settings to affect only the references. However, if then at a later stage one adds a new reference (or refers to a previous reference already listed), the field is updated and all the tab setting are lost. Is there anyway to customise Endnote so that the gap is not a tab character but instead a space?

Not if you catch that last - paragraph symbol after the reference list.  – the tab sticks then.  At least for me using patched Endnote X2, Word XP, on Windows XP prof. 

And yes, you can replace it with spaces.  It is in the style, bibliography layout.  – replace the arrow (tab) after the number with spaces.  But it might not line up right.  After 1-9, 10 will be different.  100+ will be different again.  Not a good solution.

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I’m using Endnote X2 and word 2003 and it definitely doesn’t work for me. However I have just realised that Endnote simply runs a macro to update the reference field codes. Can you tell me the name of the macro that it runs and then I can just edit this code to ensure my tab settings are preserved.