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Hi there,

I am currently using the CWYW option of endnote in Word 2007. However I am facing two big issues:

  1. the bibliography references created by endnote is very strange. When there are more than 1 author, it cites like:

 A. Guerler, and E. Knapp ( 2008) . “bla bla.” Protein Science 17: 1374-1382.

however this is wrong and it authors should be Guerler A, and Knapp E. How do I make endnote cite this way?

  1. And when I click the “insert citation” button in Endnote, the citations created in the word don`t seem make sense. Example:

 Single author : blablablabal( O. Dror 2003) , however I want it to just have the last name , therefore ( Dror 2003)

 Double author:  Endnote only cites the first author and ignores the second author

 Multiple author:  Exact same problem as previous. it only displays the first author.

How do I overcome these issues?? I am completely new to endote and I highly appreciate help on these issues!

Thank you


What version of EN are you using, as some specifics will change in the best way to view various styles available? 

You should explore the multitude of different styles that come with Endnote. To view these, from the style drop-down, in Endnote, Choose another style and put some checkmarks in front of the styles you would like to view.   Do you have a specific journal you are planning to use?  Start there - you change the style thru the format bibliography tool.  You start by seeing only a small group of the output styles.

Once you find a style, if there are other changes you would like to make, these are done by editing the style.  Finally, if you run into a problem that you aren’t sure about, you can always attach the style to a msg here and tell us what is wrong, and one of us can usually fix it and post it back. 

For another source of styles that might help you, see this thread.  If you are using X2 or X3, you can just open the attached style which should open in Endnote and save it from Endnote.  It will now be listed in your output style manager. 

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