EndNote Citation Numbers Edit

I am looking to edit a research paper that has citations listed using roman numbers, instead of regular numbers, both in the cites in middle of writing as well as the complete citation that normally are listed at the end of the research paper. When I try to manually edit these roman numbers which are as superscripts to actually numbers (like xxii to say 22), the complete citation at the end of the paper automatically disappears. It looks like there is some connection between the cites in the paper and the complete citation listed at the end, i.e., it automatically updates any change in the former.

Is this done on endnote ? and if yes, how can I edit these roman numerals in the citations to actual numbers ?? I believe this may be just a one step process. I am good at word but new on endnote, so dont’ have much idea of what’s exactly wrong.

Please guide me.

I was under the impression that EndNote uses Arabic numbers for the “Bibliography Number” and Roman numerals is not an option.  So while it seems to appear some sort of bibliographic software was used due to the “connection” between the in-text citation and bibliography, using EndNote to edit the entries will be difficult due to the numbering, and not knowing the software and output style used by the author.  But here are a couple of ideas:

  1. You can test to see if the citations might be exported into Endnote by going to the EndNote tab in the MS toolbar, then click to select “Export Word 2007 Citations”. (This assumes you have a version of MS Word having this feature); or

  2. Convert (save) the document as a text file to remove the hidden codes. With the codes removed manual editing of the citations and bibliography should now be possible.

You can conduct a test run with these options always use a backup copy of the original document.