Endnote "Command Failed" and Curly Brackets


I used Endnote X7 (PC) to write the draft of a paper and everything was fine.  I then sent the paper to a colleague who reviewed the draft and sent it back to me for some corrections.  The corrections included the insertion of some additional references I had missed out.  However, since the paper was returned to me, when I try to insert a new reference, I get a “Command Failed” message.  The citation I’m trying to insert appears as curly brackets, and does not appear in the reference list at the end of the document.  My colleague did not add any new references whilst he was reviewing it.

I have tried exporting the library etc.  I can’t even unformat and reformat - any action just throws up the “Command Failed” message.  There is nothing in the help or online which addresses this error message, so any help is most welcome!!

Did your colleague use a different word processor?  – this may have corrupted the endnote fields. How extensiver were the edits?  – I would go back and make a copy of and then unformat the version you sent to him (going back to curly brackets), and try using Word’s tools to compare it to your colleagues edited version (- which I would also make a copy of and strip all fields (Ctrl+Shift+F9)) 

I have been battling with the same issue on two laptops.  ‘Command failed’.

How can I update my Endnote X7 references without saving the document as plain text and doing it manually? (I.E., removing Endnote).

Since I updated to X7 my publication output has come to a stop.

Please advise.



I recommend you call tech support, as you need someone to walk thru what is happening - which is nigh on impossible via a forum with other users.  www.endnote.com/support