EndNote crashes Word (Mac as well as Windows)


I have been working on a Word-file for some time and saved a new copy of it every day. When I tried to update the citations on 6th September, Endnote started crashing my MS Word (2011 on a Mac OS 10.10 system with Endnote X7.1). In the crash log, it says:
Error Signature: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS
As suggested in a thread here, I followed the steps described on a Office support page to resolve this problem.
But I had no success.
I then tried to update the citations on a PC running Windows 8.1 using Word 2013 and Endnote X7.1, and again, I had no success.
Strangely, I even can’t update the citations in older versions of the Word-file, as again, EndNote crashes Word.
Recovering the database in EndNote did not help either.

Could someone give me a hint, what to try next?

I thank you very much in advance!



I have got exactly the problem and have been unable to find a solution so far (working with Word 2011, Mac). I uninstalled and reinstalled Endnote. Now I can insert a citation into a new, empty document but not in the old file. I had been working on the document with Endnote for 6 months and it always worked. If anyone had an idea what could cause the problem please let me know. I can also insert unformatted citations but as soon as I want to convert them into formatted citations Word stops working.



to be honest, I installed Papers 3 a few days ago …