Endnote crashing nonstop when citing while writing

I’ve been using EndNote 1 on Windows for a long time with no problems, and about 2 months ago, got EndNote 2 for Mac 10.5. Everything was great (with the Mac, which I use almost exclusively now) until last week. For some days now, whenever I try to cite while writing in a Word (2004) document, EndNote 2 just doesn’t respond, and then crashes. I relaunch it when prompted, and try again, and it crashes again. The third time, it crashes, prompts to reset and relaunch. And then again crashes, crashing Word with it.

This whole thing started when I had already been working on a document for several hours, and I know I didn’t do anything at all different. I’m extremely frustrated, obviously. What’s wrong suddenly, does anyone know? And how can I fix it? I tried trashing the application folder and installing it again but that hasn’t helped. (Actually, I don’t even know if it did reinstall correctly or not – it did go through the full process on the screen and everything, but when I launched it, it automatically picked up the endnote directory that I was using.) 

Please help!!! 

I think Tech suport is the place to solve this kind of problem.