Endnote crashing nonstop when citing while writing

I originally posted this on the General forum, and was redirected. Sorry for the duplicate posts…but I really, DESPARATELY need help! 

I’ve been using EndNote 1 on Windows for a long time with no problems, and about 2 months ago, got EndNote 2 for Mac 10.5. Everything was great (with the Mac, which I use almost exclusively now) until last week. For some days now, whenever I try to cite while writing in a Word (2004) document, EndNote 2 just doesn’t respond, and then crashes. I relaunch it when prompted, and try again, and it crashes again. The third time, it crashes, prompts to reset and relaunch. And then again crashes, crashing Word with it.

This whole thing started when I had already been working on a document for several hours, and I know I didn’t do anything at all different. I’m extremely frustrated, obviously. What’s wrong suddenly, does anyone know? And how can I fix it? I tried trashing the application folder and installing it again but that hasn’t helped. (Actually, I don’t even know if it did reinstall correctly or not – it did go through the full process on the screen and everything, but when I launched it, it automatically picked up the endnote directory that I was using.) 

Please help!!!

I really think with a problem this severe, you should be contacting tech support directly and not the users forum.  A phone call to them during their open hours would be the best strategy for a quick response. 

Yes, call them.

In the meantime, just stopy using CWYW and keep writing. Then you can avoid at least crash. It’s good time to learn how to CAYW (cite after you write).

Btw, there are several reasons why users forum is not a good place to address this type of issue.

  1. It appears the problem is about the CWYW plug-in in the Mac Office 2004, and there are less Mac users here, and hence less chance to get “hands-on” help.

  2. Even you get Mac users help here, you seem like lacking a grip on how to handle Mac OS, like uninstall/install steps, and may take much longer to provide real help.

  3. User forum is not (essentially) a help desk. Of course, it does the help desk function very often, but we can not responsible for your “urgency”.

 I hope it makes sense.

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One comment though, in response to myoshigi’s response, who appears to think that posting on a user’s forum is a sign of inefficiency, and then extrapolates from that to my ability to manage my project. 

I use various softwares, and a lot, and my experience until this response has always been fantastic. Posting on a user forum has many advantages: as a user, you get a sense of how widespread your problem is; you are not tied up to the phone and can check in on your own time; you are not bound by “normal” work hours, which are extremely inconvenient if you choose to work different hours; you sometimes get completely unorthodox but phenomenal feedback from real users; and you _usually_ get a polite and informative explanation about what you have described and sometimes what can be done.

I have _never_ before encountered someone who rushes to judgment about whether or not a user “lacks a grip” on installation / uninstallation processes, which is not the problem anyway. My question there was specifically about how EndNote works upon reinstallation after unistallation.

As for advice on how to personal project management, that is beyond the purview of anything I posted on this forum. I described a process in the expectation that it may provide some hints to anyone who actually understood how Endnote worked and interacted with other software, and certainly did not ask for advice about citation practices (“good time to learn how to CAYW”???!?!). And anyone who posts on a user forum understands exactly what are its drawbacks and potential advantages, and has obviously acted accordingly.

On a forum, one expects that responses are basically from folks who take an interest in the problem being described. Leanne’s response is typical in a situation where a user forum is not helpful. myoshigi’s is offensive, and seems deliberately so.

Well, then did you search Mac Word 2004 CWYW plug-in issues here, or FAQ list, or try calling tech support before re-posting the same question?

If uninstall/reinstallation or shut down PC/restart is last thing you have tried, it is obvious it’s going to be a long shot.

I just suggested an efficient solution for you, because you said desperate, which usually means urgent at the same time.

Now, here’s my long answer.

So, if my posts sounded rude and offensive, very sorry. I apologize. I just simply don’t have time to write long post, but I’m trying to make such time now. My effort here is always “what is the best and the most efficient help”. I often try single line response pointing to a FAQ list or use terms (e.g. menu structure) as short as possible if the original poster “appears” to understand the jargon we use around Endnote. For that goal, when I read the question, I need to know several things, first is, how much does this person know about Endnote, and then, how much detailed (and specific) information is presented with the question. If the question is very specific and the person knows some related issues already (from FAQ or search), it is easier to provide a quick suggestion (or answer).

Now, looking at your first post, the first place I looked at was “EndNote 1” and “EndNote 2”, which of course I interpreted as Endnote X1 and X2, but nevertheless, it was revealing that your experience using Endnote has been either short or shallow, even you said you’ve been using Endnote for Windows for long time. Then, the next problem was, you switched to the different OS, in which you have less confidence about the file structure of installation and uninstallation. That is fine, but the problem is, because of your uncertainty about the file structure in Mac OS, your trouble appeared very vague or too big to start specific troubleshooting. At this point, I am unable to use shortest single line answer that direct you where to go in a pin-point fashion.

If a person like me or Leanne (and other frequently visiting members) can’t provide quick and specific help, your question likely stays open for long time. I’ve been in this forum long enough so I predicted that would happen. Another factor is, we have much less active members using Mac OS. In fact, we’ve seen so many Mac and Mac-Word related questions remained open, and that’s simply due to the user base. That is the reality of this place, I can not control. Therefore, we can not anticipate that a Mac-related problem is solved through “interactive” or “check this, then check that” style. Because you are asking help desperately, interactive troubleshooting is the best route to solve the issue fast. After all these considerations (in 30 sec in my brain), all I can say is “call tech support”, because they can “walk through” your problem, even you are tied up with a phone. I understand the convenience of the forum use, but if my problem is such deep upon urgency, I would committ myself to a phone line for several hours. Why you can’t? That’s my question for you. Leanne also redirected you, because both of us know that is the best route (or at least it appeared that way).

CAYW is another my sincere suggestion, because I’ve seen a lot of people whining “I can’t write because CWYW isn’t working!” That shouldn’t be the case. IMO, CWYW features have been buggy enough to say, it is more often distraction than an efficiency tool. If it’s working, it doesn’t interrupt writing flow, but when it’s not working (crash, menu bars disappear, etc), it’s just annoying and stop the writing flow. So, I always encourage people to learn alternative formatting method, CAYW, which is actually the oldest method, and write without interrupting so much of writing flow. If you have that ability, at least you can keep writing (that’s what you want, right?), and you can take time to solve the crashing issue or whatever, by waiting some responses from forum, or e-mails from tech support. Ultimately, Endnote should be a writing tool, and you don’t want Endnote to interrupt your writing flow.

Hopefully, with this long description of my thoughts, you understand fully about my intention. And of course, solve your problem sooner. As I said above, if you use search terms like Mac Word 2004 CWYW, or Crash, you hit many posts in this forum. But at the same time, you’ll find many of them have been unanswered, which would redirect again to tech support. Endnote.com site also have CWYW-Mac Word related FAQ lists, which could be helpful. Of course, other Mac users can step in to provide help, since this is already and totally off topic.

My short (and itemized) posts above were an extract of these thoughts, and if they sounded too dry, rude, or offensive, again I apologize.

Best regards,