Endnote crashing on start up

I have Endnote 5; running Lion on a macbook Air; just loaded endnote and it worked fine for a few days. Now every time I open it I get the spinning beach ball and have to force quit. Help!

I assume this is actually EndNote X5 and not just “5,” but the issue may be related to the library you are using. Open the Applications > EndNote X5 > Examples folder and try double-clicking on the Sample_Library_X5.enlx file to open the Sample Library that comes with X5. If this library opens, you can then close it from the File menu and try recovering your library by following the steps found in this article:


Keep in mind that EndNote is not compatible with Dropbox or other cloud computing based storage options. If you keep your library in a Dropbox or other cloud computing controlled environment, we strongly suggest moving your library to another location prior to using it with EndNote.

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