EndNote Custom Fields - How to enter text

Hi all,

this shouldn’t be so complicated, but here we are.

In my library, I want to add some custom categories to the usual ones (Author, Title, Year, etc.). I have done so through inserting one of the Custom1 to Custom8 options you get by right-clicking the bar. I’ve also managed to change the names through Edit > Preferences > Display Fields. However, the categories I’ve added do not show up on the right in the References panel, so there is no way for me to actually add any text to my custom categories. How do I solve this?

FYI, I have found a workaround, by renaming an unusused existing category like Call Number to what I need. But there should be a way to make the Custom categories work, right?

Because custom fields can be used for different things in different ref types, you also should edit the ref types to name those custom fields by editing preferences and Modifying each of the ref types.  (note, that some ref types already use some of the custom fields). 

Im looking for the answer

Hi! Where can I find the solution to this problem? Thanks, Anja