X5 makes me have everything double in the text


double citation :angry: in my old word (2007) document now after getting 2010 and X5.:neutral_face:

Anyone know what to do?  It happens as soon as the library updates. So overtime I want to insert a new citation or something of that kind.

Any idea?


Did you try “unformatting” then “reformatting” the in-text citations to help them reset to X5 and Word 2010? 

  1. First make a backup copy of the document file as a precaution, in the MS Word ribbon, locate the EndNote tab.

  2. Within the EndNote tab, click the “Convert Citations an Bibliography” drop down menu then select: Convert to Unformatted Citations. This will convert the in-text citations to the temporary “curly-cue” format.

  3. Now that the citations have been unformatted, it’s time to re-format them.  Return to the EndNote tab, but now click to select: Update Citations and Bibliography.

That sounded like a great idea, but unfortunately not a solution for the problem. But thank you anyway 

Can you clarify what happened when you tried it? 

Same! Also all double up and I have to … Maybe I have to reinsert all manually after converting to text…I just did not have the time to do so yet! 

THank you 

That should not be necessary.  (reinsert them all) – Check your Private Messages or contact Thomson’s Tech support and ask them to look at the document?  .

Fran sent me the document and it appears that the second citation is actually a hyperlink version that has become distinct from the endnote citation itself.  When I show field contents (Alt-F9)  it is clear the first is an endnote insert citation, while the second is the hyper link. 

Hence, when one unformats the citations, only the first returns to curly bracketed form and the second remains as the “link”.  I tried refomating with hyperlinking off.  Didn’t go away. 

So what I did for her, was unformat the citations to their curly bracketed form, and searched for and }( and deleted the whole parenthetical hyperlink, manually – I saved that and sent it back to Fran and when she reformated with her library -  (eventually) it looked fine.

We have no idea how it happened.  Perhaps Tech Support or the  beta team can contact Fran for the original and her work flow and can investigate? 

(p.s.  I was working with Word 2007 and X5)