endnote X1 deleting citations in word

Hi, I am working on my qualifying exam (due next wednesday)…and endnote appears to be broken.  Endnote XI has been acting strange the whole time I have been using it to “cite while I write.”  Whenever, I’ve gone to add two citations following the same sentence, it will either not add the second one or delete the first citation…but I have found that if I insert the second citation (letting one disappear), and then push space and insert the same citation again everything will show up and then i just delete the replicate citation.  I tell you this, incase that clues you in on the overall problem.

Now for the MAIN PROBLEM:  Recently, as I have been adding in citations, endnote has been removing random previously added citations.  Thus, the final number of citations in my bibliography never changes and I have watched previous citations in the text just disappear (as I add citations later in the paragraph).  Any ideas what could be happening!?!?  I am using Word 2008 for Mac.

Please help!

Thank you,