Endnote Formatting Issues

To anyone who can help me with Endnote bibliography formatting…

I am trying to find out how I can format my bibliography - more specifically, in preventing it from doing this:




        Odell, G. H.

            1982    Some Additional Perspectives on Appropriate Models and Analogs for Hunter-Gatherer Populations. American Antiquity 47(1):192-198.


            1996    Economizing Behavior and the Concept of Curation. In Stone Tools: Theoretical Insights into Human Prehistory, edited by G. H. Odell, pp. 51-80 general editor. Plenum Press, New York.


The issue is, sometimes when I place a citation writing in text , the second line does not indent under the year, like the two references above. I have checked the formatting bibliography, and even the output styles… I cannot fix this problem. It seems to happen whenever it wants to, as if it has a mind of its own.


Please help me.

Where in the document is this being placed (footnotes or bibliography) or are you trying to put the full citation in the text of the article?

If you “show all formating marks” in Word (format options, second view section, tick “all”)

what do you see at the beginning of those two lines and between the year and the title? (arrow for tab) (dots for spaces) end of line bent arrow or backwards “P”, any little circles for spaces?   Even better, send a screen shot. 

I suspect for one, you have a space before the year, after a tab. Or are using spaces to try to get things to align.   

And please attach the style you are using.   

Actually - I just removed the field codes, then simply tabbed them over to finalize my bib.