EndNote freezes when try to use downloaded Output Style

When I try to use an Output Style I have just downloaded from the EndNote website, EndNote freezes.

This is after double-clicking on the file to open it in EndNote, saving it, and then requesting ‘Select Another Style’ (either directly in Endnote or via the Endnote menu in Word) or when requesting to Open Style Manager in EndNote. In each case EndNote becomes unresponsive, and I have to close the application down.

The situation is resolved when I delete the newly-imported .ens file from my Styles folder. However, I have tried to use a different Output Style from the Endnote website, and that has resulted in the same behaviour, and so it does not seem to be due to a corrupted .ens file.

I am running EndNote X9.1 (Bld 12691) on Windows 7.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this issue and use the Output Styles available for download from the EndNote website?

Many thanks,


Following up on this, the way I have managed to resolve this problem is to copy the .ens file straight into the Endnote\Styles folder. I can now use this style in Word documents, open the Style Manager in EndNote, etc. - it seems that the issue was specific to opening the .ens file with EndNote and choosing to save it.