Endnote X8 on Windows 10


I’m currently using EndNote X8 and Word 2016 on Windows 10.

The error message I got was.

“The output style specified in this document, (style), is not available in your Styles folder. Please select another style or Cancel and make sure that the style is in the proper folder”.

I have tried:

  • Following steps to download EndNote Output Styles

  • Looked for help on forum such as this, but the solutions were for earlier editions of Words

One of the solutions mentioned this “C:/Users/MyUser/Documents/Endnote/Styles”. I could not find it on my laptop.

Under my ‘Documents’, I only found ‘My EndNote Library.Data’.

I can find my ‘EndNote X8’ folder under ‘Program Files (x86)’. However, I cannot find the ‘Styles’ folder. 

Please help.


Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re encountering when attempting to incorporate a new style within your EndNote installation.  If you have downloaded the missing style from our website, I’d suggest these steps:

1.  Locate the downloaded output style and double-click on the file itself.

2.  Once the Edit Style window appears in EndNote, click “File>Save As…”.

3.  Make sure to save the style file with the exact same name as it appears within your Word document.

4.  After saving the output style, close the Edit Style window by clicking “File>Close Style”.

5.  Still in EndNote, click “Edit>Output Styles>Open Style Manager…”.

6.  Scroll through this list of alphabetized style files to confirm the newly-saved output style is present on this list.

Please let me know if you run into further difficulties after walking through the steps listed above.

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for your suggestions. I have done the steps you mentioned before, and I tried it again, but the problem is not solved.

I should also highlight this. When I do step (5), the style manager list (that you mentioned in step 6) is empty. I would imagine there should be some default styles on it. So, perhaps my problem is more fundamental?

I just cannot seem to locate my ‘Styles’ Folder. Maybe that’s why the styles manager list is empty. Even when I do the steps you mentioned, it is not saved onto the styles manager.

Thank you for your reply and I hope you will continue to assist me to troubleshoot this.

Best regards,


In preferences (edit>preferences) what do your folder locations show?  They should be set to user accessible folders and not to any program folder location.  

In the program folder for endnote, there should also be a endnote/styles folder installed as a part of the package.  This should not be the setting above however.  

Greetings chewei,

I’ve created a new case for you within our Technical Support case management system for further troubleshooting.  If you don’t see the direct email message related to this case, please reply to this forum post to let me know.

Thank you Leanne for your help.

I found the folder location as per your suggestion. Perhaps that it is no longer called ‘Styles’ folder, and ‘Template’ folder instead. 

Now, I am able to download a specific ‘style’ from the webpage and use it as per normal. 

Thank you so much. 

Best regards,


Endnote will create and name the folder if it isn’t preexisting in a writable location as default.  If it was changed in preferences though, I am not sure you can link a non-existing folder.  

Templates are different (and a word specific file type), while styles, filters and connections are endnote folders and file types.  But you can file endnote files in a folder of any name, as long as it is specified in the folder location preferences and is not write protected.