Endnote has stopped putting in references

Hi I’m using Endnote X7 on Windows 7 Enterprise with MS Word 2013.

I’ve been using Endnote fine up until now, but suddenly when I now try to insert a reference I get this instead:

{Watson, 1953 #41}

Rather than: (Watson 1953)

There is also no full reference added at the end of the document. The reference in the funny brackets also doesn’t behave like a normal reference - it’s just plain text if I right click on it.

Any advice about what has happened? This is a bit of a pain.

What you’re seeing are EndNote’s temporary citations. This occurs when EndNote’s “Instant Formatting” setting has been turned off.  

To activate “Instant Formatting” refer to the knowledgebase article “Endnote: Instant formatting settings in Word” at  http://endnote.com/kb/110599

Thanks, that fixed it.