Text citations linking to ref list

I received a document from a writer, and the in-text citations have links to the corresponding reference at the end of the document. The citation does not turn gray when the cursor is on it, and it won’t be updated if I reformat the bibliography. When I reveal the field codes, they look like this: {HYPERLINK \l “_ENREF_1” \o “Smith, 2008 #106”}

If I right-click on the linked citation and remove the hyperlink, then the field codes look like this: {ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>…etc}. Once the link is removed, the biblio updates properly and the citations appear gray again.

Is is possible that this cross-reference linking was done automatically? Does anyone have an idea what might have happened? I admit that I wouldn’t want this done all the time, but I can think of a few occasions when I’d really like this feature.

I’m not sure what software the writer is using, but I have Office 2007 and EndNote X3, and OS is Vista.



The hyperlinking was added (I think) in EndnoteX4.  You can turn it off and on (in X4 and X5) from the format bibliography menu.  If you reformated in X3, I suspect it would remove the hyperlinks, but can’t test that? 

It definitely does not remove the links when I reformat in X3. You have to take them out one by one and then reformat. Thanks for the info, Leanne!