Endnote Highlighting Issues

I’m using Endnote 9 and Windows XP.  I am working on my thesis.

The problem.  Endnote is highlighting my (almost) entire document.  It seems normally, that only a citation is highlighted within the text, but in my case the entire text is highlighted.  This is an issue because when I go to insert a citation some where it tells me to move the insertion point to any other field.  So it highlights entire pages and seems it is treating is as one entire or citation.  I’m not entirely sure what is going on.  I hope I have explained this well enough, sorry.

What happens if you unformat the Endnote citations?  Does the greying go away?  If so, then also delete any remnants of the  bibliography, save the document (as a new name to be safe), close word and endnote, and then open it all and try reformating (this gets rid of any temporary library associated with the document).  (BTW, this also will have turned off automatic CWYW and you will have to turn it on again for that document, using the reformat bibliography, on the instant formating tab). 

If still grey,  if you now show fields on the unformated document (turn off and on from word options or Alt F9), can you parse what is at the beginning or end of the field that covers the document?  If they show, try deleting them (unless they are something important, that you forgot you running in the background?).  One way to easily delete all fields, is to ctrl-shift F9 - ON A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT AFTER YOU HAVE UNFORMATED THE ENDNOTE REFERENCES. 

Let us know if something works, if not, I have some other suggestions. 

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Thanks so muchly for your input.  I think I may know the problem.  I had 2 separate word documents, being chapter 1 and 2.  Then I combined chapter 1 and 2 into a single word document and it was chapter 2 that was completely highlighted.  I just tried the unformat citations, grey did not disappear.  Then I did the alt-9, not really understanding what it does and grey disappeared.  I did reformat and it seems it worked.  I guess something happened when I combined the two chapters.  Is there something I should have done when combining 2 word documents? Now my one document has 2 bibliographies which is what I want.  I think has all formatted properly.  I’ll see if I can work with this.  Thank you so much for your help.

We have a FAQ on combining documents, which you might find useful:


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I think you find that one of the bibliographies is not changing.  It was “frozen” as unformated text when you did the Alt-9.  You cannot keep two bibliographies in one document.  Using the advice from John East (reply below) - you would want to first convert the individual chapters to the unformated versions and then combine them, always going back to the endnote formated versions for any updates and changes and repeating the combination for submission.