instant formatting

i had instant formatting turned off in a word document. I am now wanting to turn instant formatting on, but it is not working. when i turn it on, nothing happens, I then press ‘update citations and bibliography’ and the box pops up that says it is collecting citations, but then none of the in text citations or reference list becomes formatted (are not highlighting). the endnote tab then indicates instant formatting is on. Please help!

can you show a screen shot which includes the endnote ribbon options and a view of the text in the document with unformated citations?  

Thanks Leanne. 

I havent opened this document for a while. this document is a combined word document that had track changes. I am not sure at what stage i turned formatting ‘off’ but it was definitely ‘on’ at some point and was functioning fine. when i open to document formatting is off, but the references are not in curly brackets. when i turn formatting on, it tries to ‘collect in text citations’ but nothing changes. 

i have attached a snip of the document.

i am starting to think i have done something along the way that is not reversible …but i am  hoping you can help, so i do not have to insert all my citations again!!.

thanks, caterina

The fact that the (1967) is not indicated in grey as a field, when the cursor is in it, does suggest that the Endnote fields have been removed.  

Make a copy, and choose "Convert Citations and Bibliography> convert to unformated citations.  Any that don’t convert to 

{author, 2007 #187@@author-year}  or  {author, 2007 #187}  will need to be reinserted.  

(do the following on copies obviously) another possibility  is to go back to a backup with endnote fields still in it, and do the Convert steps above there too and compare the two documents.  Accept all the tracked changes in both documents and then compare the two using word – accept your recent changes, and reject any citations not in curly brackets.  Then any remaining citations that are not in curly brackets will need to be reinserted.  

If this document was opened in another program like OpenOffice that would erase endnote fields, or if you use the drop down option of “convert to plain text”.  I try to always share with colleagues in the unformated state.  Or check immediately when I get it back, so the compare option above is not too cumbersome, if I need to rescue the endnote fields.  

I know - water under the bridge.