EndNote 2 different references lists appeared in single list

I am having a problem in the refrences list on word document. It seems there sre 2 different lists any help please 


to help we need a tad bit more information?

Are both “fields” or has one been delinked? In word you can quickly check by select all and shift F9 to show fields, repeat to return to previous view. Do all the citations change to big field gibberish?  If not, the endnote fields have been stripped. Or you can  convert to “unformatted citations” (NOT PLAIN TEXT) from the endnote ribbon.  All the citations (that are fields) should convert to {author, year #recNo or label}.  

 Did you (or someone else) open and save it in a different word processor at some point?  This can remove endnote fields.  

Yes I think I have worked on different documents. Currently, for a while I have been working on 1 doc. I attached the pics and as you can see one is ending with lettr z and the second starting with the letter A and also looks different and unorganised. As I told I have merged the 2 library but still having the same problem. I did F9 but nothing it looks no chnage. 

2.zip (41.9 KB)
3.zip (22.2 KB)

Not F9 alone.  You need to do a SHIFT+F9 at the same time.  if that does nothing, then you don’t have endnote fields in your document.  Do they turn grey if you put you cursor in them?  

That first one looks like you may not have authors on each line, or it is a company and needs a comma at the end (and double commas if they are in the name.  

Did you try the convert steps?  

Yes, when I did shift F9 the lower laibrary has gone and gave this { ADDIN EN. REFLIST } .

No, I did not try convert steps. There is a problem with importing from GS & other websites seem there are differences in formating. Yes they all turn grey when I put the curssor.

Well, looking again at the two images.  one seems to be centered and the other not centered?  

what output style are you using?  – I would make a copy of the paper, and try a different output style.  I would also do the unformat/format steps on the copy.  Finally, there is a “cleanup” process to try if just unformating and format doesn’t help, which is to convert to unformatted citations, then select all and ctrl+shift F9 (which removes field codes) so that any corruptions are removed, and then reformat.  

Thank you Leanne, Problem solved through Unformating/Formating. Libraries were combined and they seem to be in order now.

glad to hear. 

Hi Lanne, Please, do you know why pages & URL do not show up in the bipolgraphy. I am using Hrvard Hull so I found alawys many details are missing in the refernce list?

URL inclusion is defined by the output style (I am not familiar with Harvard Hull).  Most don’t include them – pages should appear in the bibliography (but not cited pages.) 

Harvard includes the URL only when it is an “electronic article” and “Web Page” reference types, for example. You can modify any of the templates to include the fields you want but you need to pay special attention to linking fields with punctuation so that they don’t appear when the field is empty.  

Cited pages (in the in-text citation) are not included in many journal citation templates.  In Harvard they are like this (Author|, Year)  rather than like this (Author|, Year|, Cited Pages|) and would never show up in a standard bibliography.  You can get around this, by typing the page numbers in the suffix field (with any text and spacing or punctuation you might need) or edit the output style citation template to include the field and any text or punctuation and spacing you mighe require.  

You can learn to edit output styles from the manuals available here: https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/EndNote-Windows-and-Mac-Style-Editing-Guide?language=en_US