EndNote Import but not to my desktop

When I access the University of Maryland library and import an article citation, EndNotes says it is importing, but it does not enter it into my desktop EndNotes.  If I use Internet Explorer it works.  If I use Mozzilla (which I use primarily), it does not.  What is wrong?

Are you using text export and “import” command in Endnote (it seems you are) ?

Are the exported files look the same when you open with text editors, between Explorer and Mozzilla?

Which version of Endnote?

I don’t have to do anything.  When I am at the U of MD library screen that displays the document I am interested in, there is a button to click to import into EndNotes.  There is then a screen that popup saying “Saving citation”.  For Mozilla, it launches EndNotes (if it is not already up) and enters it.  For IE, it just ends - like it had saved it to some local default, not to EndNotes on my desktop. 

Does that help explain it?  

I am using EndNotes Version 2 with the latest patch updates.

Have you ever installed Zotero.  I think that add-in can intercept the file.  I think this thread may have some ideas.


Wait, which one (Mozzilla or IE) is working and which one is not?

Anyway, it seems like the problem is the html command interpretation by the browser, and not related to Endnote itself. If either one just works, do you have a reason to use another browser to do the same thing?