EndNote imported more than my data base exported?!

Hi Team EndNote!

In the process of assembling my papers for a lit review, I took screenshots of my database searches & their results. Then exported from the data bases, and imported into EndNote. Whenever I imported them, I wiped all keywords then added a keyword for the database, e.g. “Medline”. I then proceeded to check that the correct number of Medline papers appeared in EndNote via smart group.

At some point I had so many groups, I removed the groups I no longer needed (the groups, not the papers!). So I removed the data base groups because I had checked them to be correct after importing.

Now, when I set up a smart group with the keyword “Medline” AGAIN, this group contains more papers than my screenshot shows I have…what is going on here?! Any ideas?

I don’t understand.  Can you provide some screen shots?