Endnote in word: "Update citations and bibliography" duplicates the in text citation numbers


I am using Endnote X7 and Word for Mac 2011 (v.14.5.6).

I haven’t had any problems using Endnote since I got this computer aprox. 6 months ago. Out of the blue, a glitch has come up in word. When I try “Update citations and bobliography”, it duplicates the in text citations.

I am using a numbered citation style. For example,

text(17,18) will update to text(17,18)(17,18), and will do so every time I update (i.e., I end up with n repetitions of the same citation).

I have not found this error on this or other forums.

Any suggestions on what bug it may be and how to fix it?


On a Mac or PC?  – I would follow the instructions here http://endnote.com/kb/81143 and see if it fixes the problem.  

On a Mac. That did not work particularly well (I had seen this post before). Some references just seem to have dissapeared. I ended up having to remove all references and refer back to an older version of the document to find the references and insert them all again.