Endnote inconsistent style changes

Dear Endnote users,

The following thing happened: I changed my output font style to my own wishes and tried to apply this to my bibliography. Unfortunately it changed only have the references to my wishes, how is this possible? As you can see in the picture only reference 2 and 4 are made bold like I want.

I use EndNote X9 and Pages 7.2 on mac.

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how did you change your output style?  Can you zip the output style you are using and attach it to a reply?  

I attached the style as a zip for you to look into!

Vancouver Copy kopie.zip (4.61 KB)

I tested it - and it worked for me.  I assume the four examples are all Journal Articles and not electrontic. 

I also notice however that the two examples in your that “worked” also have the number as bolded… As do all of mine, as the Bibliography number is bolded in the layout template.  

That would suggest to me that something is preventing the application of the bolding to the other two citations in your your bibliography.  I can’t think of what that might be.  Can you zip up the actual word document?