Output Styles: difficulties in saving changes

Dear collegues

Maybe someone can help me: I’ve changed an output style (the title was underlined and I’ve changed it to Bold ), I save this changes but when I go to the style it didn’t save my them and it is underlinde again.

I’ve tryed to save the style with another name (because of copyright rights), but even this way it didn’t save my changes and always returned to the original definitions of the style…

Can anybody help me with this question?

Thank you,

Pedro Novais

Let me guess, Endnote X2?  If so, it has been saved in a new “style” (usually with the word Copy appended to the original) and you need to reformat with the new style, not the original.  If you insisted on naming it the same, I am not sure what happens, as there would now be two copies of the style, and I am not sure how Endnote distinguishes them from one another (or it it will even let you do that).

It is actually always safest to save the file to a new name, so you don’t get it confused with the original journal specified style, unless you are certain you are correcting it.  Then you could (I think) copy the corrected version into the Endnote program styles folder to replace the original one.  Even they, I append a date that it was updated, so I can keep track of corrected styles.

Having reread your problem, I suspect another possible problem.  See http://community.thomsonreuters.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-general&message.id=810

Dear Leanne

Thank you for your answers, but it still didn’t work. It’s a simple thing, just changing underline for bold…

I save it with another name, this file is automatically saved in “My documents”, but when I try to use this new stile it didn’t save the changes.

Than you,

Pedro Novais

Are you using EndNote on a Macintosh? If yes, it is possible that some older Macintosh fonts may not properly support bold and underline on OSX. If you try using another font, is the issue resolved?

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


I’m using Windows XP. I already tryed to use another font (Times New Roman), but the problem remains…

Pedro Novais

Please attach the style and one of us can see if we can spot the problem?

I think I’ve just found what the problem is: I’ve edited this style and translated into portuguese the names of the fields (ex. Title - Título). All of the reference types in the templates that I’ve translated the names of the fields are not working, but I’ve tested now using reference types that are untouched (i.e. with the field names in their original EndNote form, not transleated) and changed the underline to bold and EndNote accepted it, the change was save.

Thank you very much for your help any way!

Pedro Novais

Aha! That would do it!  The other very complicated, time consuming thing would be to change all the preference ref type tables - and then all the styles.  – obviously your repair was the most sensible.