Creating a new style for a Journal


The journal I’m writing for doesn’t have an Endnote style and say that the formating style of the journal does not conform to the program.

That seems unlikely… however when I try to modify a style as per the instructions I found on line… I seem to be unable to change the style even though I have modified the templates and they remain modified after I exist Endnote they fail to get applied to my document eg. My volume citation is bolded… so I unbolded it. Despite this it still keeps appearing bolded in the document even after I update it.

I tried updating the template for online documents… so that the words “Retrieved from:” appear before the URL

The gap between the number and the first letter of the authors name is too big. I could find no way to change it.

I did successfully change the name of the style… but that’s about the extent of my success.

Can someone offer some advice?

I must be doing something wrong.

Are you just selecting the new style in the Endnote program, or are you selecting it in the word/endnote ribbon (in word 2007/2010 or format bibliography in Word2003), which is where it matters. Since you can be writing multiple manuscripts to various journals, changing it in the Program itself doesn’t alter the style being used in the manuscript.