Endnote is referencing master bibliography instead of bibliography of each chapter

Hello all- I apologize for asking this question as it must be fairly common. However, I have a deadline to meet for tomorrow and am in quite a bind.

I have completed my thesis with multiple chapters. Each chapter has its own bibliography. However, when I combine all the chapters, the numbering in each chapter just references the final bibliography and not just the one for the chapter alone. For example, the first chapter has 28 references. The first reference of the second chapter starts at 29 when I want it to start at 1 again.

The thesis was put together by combining each chapter separately. Can someone either tell me what to do or point me to a FAQ. Thanks so much and again sorry for not doing a more thorough search before posting.



Thanks Leanne!! That should do it.  I just hope the table of contents stays in order- but I think I can take it from here. Thanks again!