Endnote issue after using parentheses in a sentence

I have a weird quirk I can’t seem to figure out. I have been working on a paper, making in-text citations with endnote, and then editing as I go along to include page number or take out author/year and just have the page number. The citations were in (parentheses).

A couple paragraphs in I used a parenthesis in a sentence [I wrote Farm Security Administration (FSA)]. When I went to insert a citation there, the citation came back as (author, year, #5)–"#5" being the number of the item in the bibliography.

I can’t change that to a page number. And after that all of my citations have that problem. Undoing my work and taking out the parentheses around FSA doesn’t change anything, it is stuck that way in the document.

The only way to change it back seems to be copy my text, close and delete the document, open up a new document, and start all over. But as soon as I have that problem again, Endnote creates the issue again.

Does anyone know what the heck is going on? Thanks!!