EndNote keeps showing "no." when there is no issue number there.

Some journals do not have issue numbers.  However, when I try to cite such a journal in Endnote, “no.” still appears. 

I have little diamonds on each side of “no.” in my template.  Why is this happening?

To prevent  “no.” from appearing when there is no issue number, the two fields should be linked (using the “Link to Adjacent” text field).  So using an asterick to represent the Link to Adjacent Text code, the linked fields would appear something like: ‘no.’ * Issue      

Accent grave marks (’) encasing “no.” helps identify it as a text “as is” field. Other codes may be needed such as a forced separation, spaces, or Link to Adjacent Text but hard to say what the “diamonds” are and the needed coding without knowing the output style you’re using.

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Thank you!

The diamond I referred to was the code for link adjacent.  There was one diamond on each side, but, as you pointed out, there should have been one only on the side next to Issue.  I am using Turabian Biblio.  This problem has always occured since I bought EndNote.

Hi Joe,

If you can tell us exactly which style you are using we’ll make sure that it is updated on our website.


Cheryl - The EndNote team.

Hi Cheryl,

I’m using Turabian Bibliography as a Style.  Is that enough info?