How to substitute the filed "issue" if it is not given?


I would like to substitute the filed “issue” in  a given citation style if it is not given in my reference. So far, endnote did it like this:

Watson, J. G., et al. (1994). “Ammonium Nitrate, Nitric Acid, and Ammonia Equilibrium in Wintertime Phoenix, Arizona.” Air and Waste 44**(4)**: 405-412. 

Here the nomber of issue is given in my reference.

Zhang, L., et al. (2012). “Assessment of modeled mercury dry deposition over the Great Lakes region.” Environmental Pollution 161**(0)**: 272-283.

Here there is no number of issue.

How to change the settings of a given citation style in order to avoid such situation like insertion of (0)?

Thanks for your help.



My first question is “Why would you want to replace a blank with a zero?”  

The answer is, you would have to edit all records that are blank for the issue field to contain a zero.  You can show that field on your library display, sort by issue to get blanks to the top.  Select those and show only the blanks, then sort on ref type and hide the books, and other ref types that issue doesn’t apply to anyway.  and then globally edit the issue field for the remaining records.  Of course you will need to undo this, if you then want to use a different style that would not want the issue included as zero.  Most styles I use don’t bother with an issue number at all, anymore.  

Could Katarzyna’s “issue issue” be caused by the style? I downloaded the Zhang et al. (2012) reference from Web of Science (save to EndNote desktop) and the issue field is empty/blank, not zero.

I have gotten zeroes in the EndNote issue field for other papers. A spot check of recent downloads suggests (to me) the problem is with the publisher or maybe the bibliographic database, not EndNote. Elsevier journals have started making every issue a new volume. As an example, here are the first few lines from a recent download (the file EndNote uses to make a new record). Note the issue number.

TI - Coprecipitated arsenate inhibits thermal transformation of 2-line ferrihydrite: Implications for long-term stability of ferrihydrite
JO - Chemosphere
VL - 122
IS - 0

Interestingly, searching your library for “is” 0 in the number field returns all 0 and empty records.  You can just empty the issue/number field for those retrieved records using the  “tools>change/move/copy fields” options to clear the field.  I suspect it is as Tom suggested, a problem with the database which is causing the problem.  Endnote would need to be modified to ignore the 0 if that is what the field contains.  I guess if it persists in the way the data is entered into these databases, Endnote developers could see if they could develop a work-around.  

Maybe the connect or import file could be tweaked to avoid carrying over the zero?