Endnote Library back to progress from three months ago but up to date on online account


My Endnote library is saved on my onedrive that I share between my laptop and pc and recently there was an improper synch that has resulted in my library losing around 3 months of progress. Most attempts to resynch have failed to fix anything, however, when I log onto my online account it shows all my references that are up to date. Is there a way to download that as a new library and go from there or a way to resynch so that I don’t lose any progress?

Cheers in advance 

Any resyncing should only be done by contacting tech support directly.  The process seemed to have changed over time, with various updates, and following any older steps do not always seem to work.  So I would go to support rather than ask here.  

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or


EndNote is not compatible with cloud storage locations like OneDrive:


I would suggest closing your library and creating a new library outside of OneDrive. With the new blank library open, click the Tools menu and select Sync. That will bring down the information from your online account.

Okay thank you so much this helped and fixed the problem.