EndNote not distinguishing authors and editors in references cited

I am using the American Antiquity style, and the following occurs when formatting references: if the same person is both an author and an editor of two different works, the output will either not show that the person is an editor (if the author reference comes first), or vice versa. Under the Amer Antiqu.ens/Bibliography/Author Lists, “omit the author list” is checked. This seems to be the culprit. However, if I instead check “Print the author list as defined above” it will correctly show (editor) behind the person’s name, but it of course repeats the person’s name for each and every cited work. This is not good either. What’s baffling me is that the names are entered into two different reference types: Book and Edited Book. Shouldn’t that be sufficient to correctly repeat the person’s name only when they are the author of a work and the editor of another work? Thanks to the community for any help!

It took me a while but I agree with this being a problem.  I could circumvent it, by inserting a subtle difference in the author as book author or edited book editor (an extra space for example), but then it triggers the citation to invoke the disabiguity rules and includes the author initials in the citations. You could circumvent this by turning off that rule as well, at the risk of it being appropriate for another set of citations where different authors share the same surname.  I suspect this is a bug introduced because the generic field for author and editor in the two ref types are the same.   Maybe tech support can get the developers to consider a fix for this.