in page citation error

I have endnote X4 and windows XP and Office 2007 and APA6. Up to about a week ago, all my citations were correct. Now I have, seeming randomly, the first initals of the first author showing up. It can be edited book, or book, or journal. It is every citation of the item. It is not every edited book for instance. It does not seem to relate to when the entry was entered. Help. Of course the paper was due yesterday.

Thanks you

I suspect that you have multiple citations with that first author and that Endnote thinks they are different authors with the same surname and is disambiguating them.  If they are differenent authors with the same surname, then they should be disabiguated in that way.  If they are all the same author, copy the author name from one of the references and replace the others with that version.  Even if they look the same, there is something subtle different between them.