Update Reference Style


I was an Endnote X7 user who has been keeping my Endnote library on a USB drive, as I have been writing my manuscript using different computers (i.e. one at home; one in the office). Recently, a newer version Endnote X9 is availbe for download from my institution, so I downloaded it on one of my PCs. However, when I open Endnote X9, with my USB inserted to the computer, I can no longer find the reference style for specific journals I created while using Endnote X7. Yet, I could still see those reference styles a folder called “Style”  in my USB drive. 

May I know if the reference styles created in the older versions of Endnotes cannot be viewed in the newer versions? Or was there a problem in my previous practise using Endnotes?

Thank you very much!

It is very dangerous to use the USB in this way, as, if you forget to close endnote before ejecting the usb, - you might corrupt the library.  

Also  the drive assigned to the USB, may be different on different machines, and the program maybe looking for the styles folder on E rather than G for example.  I haven’t had a problem with older styles with X9.3. 

Dear Leanne, 

Thank you for the kind reply.

If I want to use the same Endnote library on different computers, are there any solutions you would recommend?

Thank you so much!

There are various different options.

If you control both computers and would like to use the same user on both computers (e.g., your desktop PC and your laptop), you can log on using the same account and then set application up to sync your library to EndNote’s servers automatically. That way, any changes made on one machine will be synced to the other one the next time you open EndNote.

If you’re more than one user (e.g., you’re collaborating with someone else), you can set up a shared library on your account, which the other person can then open and use. Your library is then the master library, and theirs is a copy. The other person can even set their EndNote to sync to your shared library as well, so that changes they make in their copy will be reflected in your master library.