EndNote not responding when I click import to EndNote for other articles after the first

Endnote works when I just opened it and clicked import ro Endnote on google scholar.

But the reference wasn’t imported if I continued to click import to Endnote for other articles on Google scholar

I can only quick and then restart Endnote to make it work, then the reference will be imported.


How do I keep importing references without quitting and restarting Endnote all the time???

Thank you

which browser are you using and are you checking the download folder to make sure it isn’t just downloading the file rather than openning it.  (although then I don’t know why that doesn’t happen the first time).  


I’m using Google Chome. When I check the download folder, it appears that both scholar.enw and scholar(1).enw are there. But when I first click the import to endnote button on google scholar, endnote will autimatically open and show the imported reference. But this doesn’t happen the second time when I try to click the botton for another article.