MAC OS X 10.11 Import problems to EndNote

Iam using my new mac MAC OS X 10.11 I am trying to import references from Google Scholar to my EndNote library. The problem is that I can only import 1 reference at the time then I need to restart my EndNote program to be able to import again. 

This is how I do.
I go to Google Scholar -> Settings-> Bibliograhy manager -> EndNote
Search for an article -> click on import to EndNote-> the file is saved.

I click on the file (I have EN as standard application for the file-type).

The first time the file is imported.

If I try with a different article nothing happens when I click on the file.
If I restart EN it will work. But something must be wrong, I just can´t figure out what.
Can you please help me?

Kind regards!

Mikael Rosell

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Just to confirm when you import the Google Scholar .enw files into Endnote you’re going to the Endnote toolbar and selecting File >Import > File then designating the file and the Endnote import filter as shown in the attached image (?) I’m running Windows 10 with Endnote X7.5 and haven’t experienced any problems importing successive Google Scholar .enw files.

In the event this might be a Mac-centric issue suggest you contact tech support. In the interim try opening the file instead of saving it and have it directly import into Endnote.

Technical support

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Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern (GMT -5)
+1-800-336-4474, press 4

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There are some suggestions on how to work with various browsers and openning endnote files.  

See here and down load it from the right hand side.  – look around pages 26-41 I think.

Hellow Mr.Mikael Rosell

I have similar problem as yours. New record file was imported by double-clicking “.enw” file. However, it does not work now.

Have you already solved this problem ?