Endnote not using "footnote reference" style in word

I have a document with a fair number of endnotes that are not playing nice with MS Word. There is a hidden “endnote reference” style in MS Word that shows a number in blue underlined superscript that links to the bibliography at the end of my document (which is what I want). I have defined a custom style in Endnote for formatting the bibliography, and that works as desired.

However, the little numbers that appear in the text do not follow the formatting of “endnote reference” in MS Word. Instead, they appear to be in “normal” style albeit colored in blue and underlined. How do I get the Endnote program to use the “endnote reference” style when formatting the inline reference numbers?

FYI, I am on Endnote 20.

This is currently a known issue with the “Link in-text citations with references in the bibliography”. If you turn this option off in the Configure Bibliography window in the EndNote Cite While You Write tools, the numbers will properly appear to be superscript.

I do hope this helps!

Actually, that didn’t help. It got rid of the blue numbers and the underscores (and the hyperlink), but it did not superscript the reference even though I have it specified that way in my custom style. I can live with changing it to “Vancouver” style for the moment.

At least I know it is a software issue and not an ID-10T error. This problem was driving me nuts so your reply will help limit my loss of sanity.