how to change format of reference hyperlink in word


So, I insert a reference into a word document by pressing Alt-2. Where does endnote derive the information that the citation in the text will be a superscript or it will be (1) or [1], etc. I want to modify that style in endnote so that it is highlighted yellow, but I cannot find that option under styles. Can someone help me?


Superscript or subscript formatting can be achieved within EndNote by: 1) applying the formatting to fields in the output template, or 2) applying the formatting to text within fields within a reference type template. However, changing the numbering format (i.e., (1) or [1]) is done within MS Word by modifying the style template.  


I can’t determine from your wording whether the highlighting issue applies to the citation or the numbering. For both cases, highlighting is handled in MS Word by selecting each item individually then “applying” the highlighting. On the other hand if you opted for changing the font color instead of highlighting, the process can be automated somewhat through the MS Word “style”.