EndNote not working well on Servers

Why, in God’s Green Earth, hasn’t EndNote been rewritten so that the libraries can exist on servers. EVERYONE ON THE PLANET user servers. This is a huge limitation and it appears that the programmers do not seem to think this is important. Trust me, IT IS! I just lost twenty references in a library i had been constructing all morning because when I opened it on another computer, EndNote hadn’t updated. I refuse to carry around my libraries on some blinkin’ flash drive. UPDATE THE DAMN PROGRAM!!

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Not true that “everyone” uses servers but, given the number of institutions that use Endnote, I would think that well over 50% of the Endnote users will be using a server. I have a two-person set-up, and even we have a NAS (ok, Two large RAID6 NAS) and we are “home” users.

How does your two-person set-up work? I am most interested.

Well, we use the NAS as severs for data. We don’t actually have any apps running on them. (OK, we do, but they are server apps not user apps). That said, most of my EndNote Libraries are on the NAS.
However, my point was that the majority of EndNote users will be in institutions that have servers and will want to run apps from them.
I have this nagging feeling the EndNote devs either don’t care or Clarivate are quietly killing EndNote whilst milking the users for updates. Though, I will NOT be doing any more paid updates unless a lot of the minor bugs and removed features as noted across this forum are fixed first.

It does seem as though the developers are not very interested in the software. Removing the “Show selected references” was absolutely unnecessary and resulted in more steps just to get the information I needed. That one really hacked me off. At least they fixed the problem with the character number in the reference window.

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For 24 years, we have kept our libraries on shared network drives, despite them telling us we couldn’t. I know you can’t use cloud drives, because the database structure writes to various folders and for some reason, the files are not locked in the same way as they are on our hard drive or our network drives. I never used onedrive folders for the same reason. Over Covid period, I would just use Endnote’s sync feature to keep my home computer and lab computer updated although my syncing eventually “expired” when we didn’t update past X9. We recently updated to 21 because we had to for the mac users. So far, still works on networked drives.

Thank you for a great laugh this morning. What frustration! I know because we have lost lots of references over the years because EndNote doesn’t want anyone to be on a server apparently. And not everyone is on a server? 50%? That is not the case. I think everyone working from a computer for a company or organization is either on the local area network or wide area network. Which would include cloud-based networks, because what are they? Larger servers managed remotely. YES! EndNote should wake up and smell the roses, and come into the 21 century with the rest of us who have to work around this limitation.


We have not been able to use network drives for several years. Some users are more fortunate than others in the length of time it is OK on the network before it crashes and we can’t recover the library until we move it off the network. We also have issues with libraries in folders which sync. In addition we also have major issues with shared documents and shared libraries having different record numbers in the same documents so nothing updated efficiently and often won’t update at all till the document is moved from the shared storage location.


I many years ago, switched my temporary record to use the Accession Number rather than Record number in preferences. As 99% of our citations are downloaded from Pubmed, all our libraries use the same number in the temporary citation field.