Endnote preview did not change to Capital letter

Dear all,

I have a question about “preview” tag in Endnote.

When I download the endnote citation from Google scholar, Some the name of journal use normall letter, for eample: Journal of marketing.

I already change in the “reference” tag to become “Journal of Marketing” with the capital letter of “M”.

But Endnote do not change the preview to “Journal of Marketing”, it is still “Journal of marketing”.

Please give me some suggestion.



You want to take advantage of the Journal Terms list as described in this KB article and the accompanying video therein.

Also turn off the preferences for auto updating that terms list when you download records to your library (preferences, terms list, turn off 2nd and 3rd options as in image attached) as this otherwise introduces potential new entries which inappropriately include the wrong information in the terms list, which is likely why your preview has the wrong information.  

The process described int he KB article, will removed these inaccurate terms when you replace the excisting terms list with a downloaded version.  – You may still need to add specific terms to the list, if you cite journals not included in the prepared terms lists available.