Endnote recognizes links, but creates two reference lists.

I am using Endnote x7 on an iMac with Microsoft Word 2011.  I am working on a file that has been put together using portions of different documents.  Endnote recognizes all superscripts as Endnote files, but creates two different reference lists when updated and only links 15 of the 100+ references…  The in-text citatations that do not link to the list are seen as ENREF files, but don’t link with the actual reference list.  Does  anyone know how to solve this?  Thanks!


It sounds like your document may contain corrupted field codes, or field codes from separate Word documents.  Combining separate sets of field codes in a single document could cause various formatting issues.  Typically, you’d want to ensure all separate documents have been unformatted prior to merging into a single Microsoft Word document.  The steps for properly combining separate Word documents can be found here:


With your existing merged document, I’d suggest working through the field codes cleanup steps listed in the following knowledgebase article:


If you have any issues walking through the steps listed within the linked knowledgebase articles, or continue to encounter issues related to formatting your cited references, I’d suggest getting in touch with our Technical Support department for further investigation:

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Please let me know if this helps.

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